1936 Berlin Olympic Games
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Berlin, Germany

Team Gold Medalist


Preceded by

1928 Amsterdam Olympic Games

Succeeded by

1948 London Olympic Games

The 1936 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the XI Olympiad, was an international multi-sport event that was held in 1936 in Berlin, Germany. Berlin won the bid to host the Games over Barcelona, Spain, on 26 April 1931, at the 29th IOC Session in Barcelona (two years before the Nazis came to power). It marked the second and final time that the International Olympic Committee would gather to vote in a city which was bidding to host those Games. The only other time this occurred was at the inaugural IOC Session in Paris, France, on 24 April 1894. Then, Athens and Paris were chosen to host the 1896 and 1900 Games, respectively.

Hitler saw the Games as an opportunity to promote his government and ideals of racial supremacy, and did not want Jews or Blacks to be allowed to participate in the Games. However, when threatened with a boycott of the Games by other nations, he relented and allowed Blacks and Jews to participate, and added one token participant to the German team—a German woman, Helene Mayer, who had a Jewish father.


Gold Silver Bronze
800px-Flag of German Reich (1935–1945) Germany

Anita Bärwirth
Erna Bürger
Isolde Frölian
Friedl Iby
Trudi Meyer
Paula Pöhlsen
Julie Schmitt
Käthe Sohnemann

Flag of the Czech Republic Czechoslovakia

Jaroslava Bajerová
Vlasta Děkanová
Božena Dobešová
Vlasta Foltová
Anna Hřebřinová
Matylda Pálfyová
Zdeňka Veřmiřovská
Marie Větrovská

Flag of Hungary Hungary

Margit Csillik
Margit Kalocsai
Ilona Madary
Gabriella Mészáros
Margit Nagy
Olga Tőrös
Judit Tóth
Eszter Voit

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