1955 USSR Cup



All-Around Gold Medalist

Sofia Muratova

Succeedd by

1956 USSR Cup

The 1955 USSR Cup was held in Moscow on March 21. The competition was organized by the Committee for Physical Culture and Sport. Gymnasts only competed compulsory routines.  


Rank Athlete Club Total
1st Sofia Muratova Moscow 38.20
2nd Ludmila Egorova Leningrad 38.20
3rd Tamara Manina Leningrad 38.00
4 Larissa Dirii Kiev 37.85
5 Maria Gorokhovskaya Kherson 37.80
6 Z. Ruleva Moscow 36.20

Despite a tie, Muratova was declared the winner because she scored higher than Egorova on three out of four events. 

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