1967 Tokyo Summer Universiade
563px-FISU flag
Official Universiade flag


Tokyo, Japan

Team Gold Medalist


All-Around Gold Medalist

Miyuki Matsuhisa (JPN)

Preceded by

1963 Porto Alegre Summer Universiade

Succeeded by

1970 Turin Summer Universiade

The 1967 Summer Universiade, also known as the V Summer Universiade, took place in Tokyo, Japan.

Eastern Bloc countries including Soviet Union, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Cuba, Czechoslovakia and North Korea boycotted the Games due to the naming disputes about North Korea.

Format of Competition

The scoring in all the events was basically the same, as for gymnastics events at the Summer Olympics. Each country was allowed to enter a team of eight gymnasts, but not more than six of them were allowed to participate in all exercises. Nations with incomplete teams, could enter one to three gymnasts for the individual competition. Six best gymnasts on the apparatus in the team competition (by sum of two scores - for compulsory and optional routine) qualified for that apparatus finals. The new feature of the competition was in women's events: each of them was judged by four judges. The highest and lowest marks were dropped and an average of two remaining marks constituted the score.

The scoring in the team competition was: five best scores constituted the team's score for the routine; these scores constituted the overall team's totals.


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Team Flag of Japan Japan Flag of the United States of America USA Flag of South Korea South Korea
All-Around Flag of Japan Miyuki Matsuhisa
Japan (JPN)
Flag of the United States of America Linda Metheny
United States of America (USA)
Flag of Japan Mistuko Kandori
Japan (JPN)

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