1975 USSR Cup



All-Around Gold Medalist

Elvira Saadi

Preceded by

1974 USSR Cup

Succeeded by

1976 USSR Cup

The 1975 USSR Cup took place from March 7-12 in Leningrad. 

Format of Competition

Gymnasts competed on two different days. On both days, all apparatuses were contested. All scores counted toward the total all-around score. 


Rank Athlete State Total
1st Elvira Saadi Uzbek SSR 75.200
2nd Nellie Kim Kazak SSR 75.075
3rd Ludmila Savina Belarussian SSR 74.425
4 Irina Tsarik RSFSR 73.850
5 Elena Kolesnikova RSFSR 73.750
6 Marina Lev RSFSR 73.450

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