1981 World Team Trials
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Official World Championship Team

Michelle Goodwin
Kathy Johnson
Amy Koopman
Julianne McNamara
Gina Stallone
Tracee Talavera


Shari Mann
Lisa Zeis

Preceded by

1979 U.S. World Team Trials

Succeeded by

1983 U.S. World Team Trials

The 1981 World Team Trials determined who would represent the United States at the World Championships in Moscow, USSR.

Format of Competition

Gymnasts either qualified to World Team Trials from National Championships or petitioned through to trials. Gymnasts competed both compulsory and optional routines. All twenty gymnasts competed all four events. Gymnasts were selected to the team based on need.

List of Competitors

All-Around Standings

  1. Julianne McNamara
  2. Tracee Talavera
  3. Gina Stallone
  4. Amy Koopman
  5. Lisa Zeis
  6. Michelle Goodwin
  7. Shari Mann
  8. Kathy Johnson
  9. Marie Roethlisberger
  10. Lynne Lederer
  11. Sandy Sobotka
  12. Beth Pope
  13. Becky Rashoff
  14. Jackie Brummer
  15. Michelle Iliff
  16. Kris Montera
  17. Luci Collins
  18. Yumi Mordre
  19. Penny Hauschild
  20. Jo Faber

World Championships Team

  1. Julianne McNamara
  2. Tracee Talavera
  3. Gina Stallone
  4. Amy Koopman
  5. Michelle Goodwin
  6. Kathy Johnson

Alternates : Shari Mann, Lisa Zeis

Coaches: Don Peters, Roe Kreutzer

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