1982 USSR Championships

All-Around Gold Medalist

Natalia Yurchenko

Vault Gold Medalist

Natalia Yurchenko

Uneven Bars Gold Medalist

Natalia Yurchenko

Balance Beam Gold Medalist

Albina Shishova

Floor Exercise Gold Medalist

Natalia Yurchenko

Preceded by

1981 USSR Championships

Succeeded by

1983 USSR Championships

The 1982 USSR Championships were the national championships for the Soviet Union.

Format of Competition

Gymnasts competed as individuals for the all-around and event finals. Scores higher than 10 could be given for exceptionally high difficulty.


Event Gold Silver Bronze
All-Around Natalia Yurchenko Albina Shishova Olga Mostepanova
Vault Natalia Yurchenko Albina Shishova Olga Mostepanova
Uneven Bars Natalia Yurchenko Olga Mostepanova Albina Shishova
Balance Beam Albina Shishova Natalia Kovalenko Olga Mostepanova
Floor Exercise Natalia Yurchenko Olga Mostepanova Elena Prusova

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