1988 U.S. Classic
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All-Around Gold Medalist

Senior: Phoebe Mills
Junior: Juliet Bangerter

Preceded by

1985 U.S. Classic

Succeeded by

1989 U.S. Classic

The 1988 U.S. Classic was the the final qualifying event for the U.S. Gymnastics Championships. The competition was split into junior and senior divisions over the course of two days.



Rank Athlete Gym
1st Phoebe Mills Karolyi's
2nd Brandy Johnson Karolyi's
3rd Chelle Stack Karolyi's
4 Christy Henrich GAGE
5 Wendy Bruce Brown's
6 Dee Dee Foster Brown's
7 Kim Kelly Parkettes
7 Tina Snowden Karolyi's
9 Kristen Kenoyer Parkettes
10 Cindy Tom Verdugo
11 Sheryl Dundas Capital
12 Trisha Fortson Karolyi's
13 Carol Ullrich Karolyi's
14 Robin Richter Nebraska
15 Dana Dobransky Argonauts
16 Nadya Mason Karolyi's
17 Chari Knight AGTC
18 Errin McCann Karon
19 Maria Flores Guatemala
20 Nicole Young GAGE
21 Sandy Woolsey Desert Devils
22 Beth Wymer Sunrise
23 Suanna Wells GAGE


Rank Athlete All-Around
1st Juliet Bangerter Desert Devils
2nd Stephanie Woods Capital
3rd Nicole Fajardo Kips
4 Elizabeth Crandall Desert Devils
4 Karen Tierney GAGE
6 Amy Scherr Karolyi's
7 Jana Reardon Parkettes
7 Erica Stokes Karolyi's
9 Betty Okino IGI
10 Dominique Dawes Hill's
11 Nicole Peterson Iowa Gymnest
11 Kelly Pitzen Karolyi's
11 Margaret Ulett GAGE
14 Jannelle Delrosario Kips
14 Laurie Hallmark Karolyi's
16 Amanda Uherek Karolyi's
17 Kim Zmeskal Karolyi's
18 Chastity Junkin Bama Bounders
19 Kristin Guise American Twisters
20 Karen Jordan Parkettes

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