1989 American Classic
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All-Around Gold Medalist

Senior: Sandy Woolsey
Junior A: Shannon Miller
Junior B: Kerri Strug

Preceded by

1988 American Classic

Succeeded by

1990 American Classic

The 1989 American Classic was one of two qualifiers to the National Championships. 

Format of Competition

The competition took place on multiple days. There were senior, junior A and junior B divisions. Both junior and senior gymnasts competed in separate divisions. 



Rank Athlete Gym All-Around
1st Sandy Woolsey Desert Devils 74.780
2nd Juliet Bangerter Desert Devils 74.720
3rd Jenny Ester Gym Country 74.680
4 Kristen Kenoyer Parkettes 73.820
5 Agina Simpkins IGI 73.420
6 Tracey Cole Dynamo 73.410
7 Kim Kelly Parkettes 73.040
8 Robin Richter Nebraska  72.990
9 Holly Voorhies Saginaw 72.860
10 Marna Neubauer GAGE 72.730

Junior A

Rank Athlete Gym All-Around
1st Shannon Miller Dynamo 73.525
2nd Jana Reardon Parkettes 73.275
3rd Betty Okino IGI 72.775
4 Dominique Dawes Hill's 72.600
5 Lara Humphrey Capital 71.525
5 Danielle Wood American Twisters 71.525
7 Heidi Kaye Parkettes 71.450
8 Elizabeth Walker Oklahoma 71.075
9 Kristen Lyon Gym Country 70.850
10 Hilary Grivich Karolyi's 70.775

Junior B

Rank Athlete Gym All-Around
1st Kerri Strug Lone Star 47.150
2nd Anne Woynerowski North Stars 46.487
3rd Heidi Hornbeck Arizona Sunrays 46.175
4 Katie Jennings Karon 45.762
5 Sybil Stephenson Karon 45.481
6 Michelle Campi American Twisters 45.181
7 Summer Reid Flips 45.162
8 Stacey Carroll Phoenix 44.981
9 Kim Arnold Flips 44.918
10 Sarah Balogach Parkettes 44.912

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