1989 U.S. Classic
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All-Around Gold Medalist

Senior: Juliet Bangerter
Junior A: Kim Zmeskal
Junior B: Laura Segundo

Preceded by

1988 U.S. Classic

Succeeded by

1990 U.S. Classic

The 1989 U.S. Classic was the the final qualifying event for the U.S. Gymnastics Championships. The competition was split into junior A, junior B and senior divisions over the course of multiple days.



Rank Athlete Gym All-Around
1st Juliet Bangerter Desert Devils 74.670
2nd Sandy Woolsey Desert Devils 74.570
3rd Chari Knight American Gym 74.210

Junior A

Rank Athlete Gym All-Around
1st Kim Zmeskal Karolyi's 75.225
2nd Erica Stokes Karolyi's 74.200
3rd Amanda Uherek Karolyi's 73.975

Junior B

Rank Athlete Gym All-Around
1st Laura Segundo Karolyi's 73.220
2nd Traci Sommer North Stars 72.580
3rd Cara Lepper Cats 71.700

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