1990 American Classic
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All-Around Gold Medalist

Senior: Elizabeth Crandall
Junior: Kerri Strug

Preceded by

1989 American Classic

Succeeded by

1991 American Classic

The 1990 American Classic was one of two qualifiers to the National Championships. 

Format of Competition

The competition took place on multiple days. Both junior and senior gymnasts competed in separate divisions. 



Rank Athlete All-Around
1st Elizabeth Crandall 76.280
2nd Shannon Miller 75.740
3rd Molly Shawen 75.340
4 Hillary Anderson 74.960
5 Jennifer Mercier 74.940
6 Dominique Dawes 74.900
7 Christine Tonry 74.880
8 Stephanie Woods 74.640
9 Larissa Fontaine 74.420
10 Marna Neubauer 74.310


Rank Athlete Gym All-Around
1st Kerri Strug JG Gym 75.325
2nd Kristin McDermott Parkettes 74.425
3rd Amanda Borden Cincinnati 73.975
4 Samantha Muhleman Brown's 73.650
5 Sarah Balogach Parkettes 73.475
6 Amy Chow West Valley 73.225
7 Cara Lepper Cats 73.175
8 Kristin Duff Karon 73.150
9 Lisa Vincijanovic Desert Devils 72.550
10 Tiffany Simpson Desert Devils 71.975

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