1991 Sheffield Summer Universiade
563px-FISU flag
Official Universiade flag


Sheffield, UK

Team Gold Medalist

North Korea

All-Around Gold Medalist

Elena Sazonenkova (USSR)

Preceded by

1987 Zagreb Summer Universiade

Succeeded by

1993 Buffalo Summer Universiade

The 1991 Summer Universiade, also known as the XVI Summer Universiade, took place from July 14 to July 25 in Sheffield, England. In the host country it was generally referred to as the World Student Games.

Format of Competition

The gymnastics competition was carried out in three stages:

  • Competition I - The team competition/qualification round in which gymnasts, including those who were not part of a team, performed both compulsory and optional exercises. Only the five highest scores earned by team members on each apparatus during each round were used to determined the overall team total. The thirty-six highest scoring gymnasts in the all-around qualified to the individual all-around competition. The eight highest scoring gymnasts on each apparatus qualified to the final for that apparatus.
  • Competition II - The individual all-around competition, in which those who qualified from Competition I performed exercises on each apparatus. The final score of each gymnast was determined by adding the scores earned by him or her on each of the six apparatuses in the men's competition and each of the four apparatuses in the women's competition.
  • Competition III - The apparatus finals, in which those who qualified during Competition I performed an exercise on the individual apparatus on which he or she had qualified. The final score of each gymnast determined solely by the score earned by him or her on the apparatus during this competition.

Each country was limited to three gymnasts in the all-around final and two gymnasts in each apparatus final.


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Team Flag of North Korea North Korea Flag of the United States of America USA Flag of the Soviet Union Soviet Union
All-Around Flag of the Soviet Union Elena Sazonenkova
Soviet Union (USSR)
Flag of North Korea An Myong Hwa
North Korea (PRK)
Flag of Japan Kyoko Seo
Japan (JPN)

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