1993 U.S. Classic
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All-Around Gold Medalist

Senior: Dominique Dawes
Junior: Kristi Lichey

Preceded by

1992 U.S. Classic

Succeeded by

1994 U.S. Classic

The 1993 U.S. Classic was the the final qualifying event for the U.S. Gymnastics Championships. The competition was split into junior and senior divisions over the course of one day.



Rank Athlete Gym All-Around
1st Dominique Dawes Hill's 38.100
2nd Michelle Campi Pozsar's 38.075
3rd Jenni Beathard Brown's 36.925
3rd Traci Sommer North Stars 36.925
5 Larissa Fontaine American Academy 36.800
5 Laura French Colorado Aerials 36.800
5 Heidi Harriman Peach State 36.800
8 Elizabeth Reid Karon 36.700
9 Kara Fry Parkettes 36.675
9 Samantha Muhleman Cincinnati 36.675


Rank Athlete Gym All-Around
1st Kristi Lichey Cincinnati 37.575
2nd Soni Meduna Dynamo 37.350
3rd Andree Pickens Cypress 37.075
4 Katie Teft Great Lakes 36.950
5 Jamie Martini Cypress 36.675
6 Theresa Kulikowski Colorado Aerials 36.550
7 Kristen Maloney Parkettes 36.025
8 Dominique Moceanu Karolyi's 35.925
9 Michaela Knox Flips 35.900
10 Nekkia Demery Kraft 35.275
10 Susie Kinkaid American Twisters 37.275

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