1994 Dortmund World Team Championships
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Dortmund, Germany

Team Gold Medalist


Preceded by

1994 Brisbane World Championships

Succeeded by

1995 Sabae World Championships

The 1994 World Artistic Gymnastics Team Championships were held in Dortmund, Germany from 15–20 November 1994. Dortmund had previously hosted the World Championships in 1966.

Only the team event was contested at this meet. The individual events and all-around were contested at another World Championships in Brisbane, Australia in April 1994. 1994 was the only year in which the Worlds were split into two separate competitions.


Gold Silver Bronze
Flag of Romania Romania

Simona Amânar
Gina Gogean
Nadia Hatagan
Ionela Loaieş
Daniela Mărănducă
Lavinia Miloşovici
Claudia Presăcan

Flag of the United States of America USA

Amanda Borden
Amy Chow
Dominique Dawes
Larissa Fontaine
Shannon Miller
Jaycie Phelps
Kerri Strug

Flag of Russia Russia

Oksana Fabrichnova
Elena Grosheva
Natalia Ivanova
Svetlana Khorkina
Dina Kochetkova
Elena Lebedeva
Evgenia Rodina

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