1995 U.S. Classic
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All-Around Gold Medalist

Senior: Jaycie Phelps
Junior: Robin Phelps

Preceded by

1994 U.S. Classic

Succeeded by

1996 U.S. Classic

The 1995 U.S. Classic was the the final qualifying event for the U.S. Gymnastics Championships. The competition was split into junior and senior divisions. Seniors competed multiple times while juniors only competed once. 



Rank Athlete Gym All-Around
1st Jaycie Phelps Cincinnati 77.680
2nd Dominique Dawes Hill's 77.360
3rd Andree Pickens Cypress 74.650
4 Mary Beth Arnold Flips 74.020
5 Jessica Rieland Dynamo 73.410
6 Kristi Lichey Cincinnati 73.101
7 Elizabeth Reid Karon 72.450
8 Shannon Bowles Atlantic 72.280
9 Rachel Rochelli Cypress 72.230
10 Reagan Tomasek Hill's 72.170


Rank Athlete Gym All-Around
1st Robin Phelps Cincinnati 37.400
2nd Jeanette Antolin SCATS 37.300
3rd Coreen Murphy Desert Devils 37.250
4 Kaitie Dyson Cypress 37.050
5 Kelly Parkinson Cypress 37.000
6 Jennifer Carow Salto 36.850
7 Katie Taylor Kentwood 36.800
8 Rebecca Whitehurst Cypress 36.775
9 Jeana Rice Brown's 36.700
10 Kristin Jensen Parkettes 36.525

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