1997 NCAA Gymnastics Championships
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Gainesville, Florida


O'Connell Center

Team Gold Medalist


Preceded by

1996 NCAA Gymnastics Championships

Succeeded by

1998 NCAA Gymnastics Championships

The 1997 NCAA Women's Gymnastics Championships involved 12 schools competing for the national championship of women's NCAA Division I gymnastics. The competition took place in Gainesville, Florida, hosted by the University of Florida in the O'Connell Center.

Super Six Qualifications

Rank Team Score
1 Georgia 197.075
2 UCLA 196.425
3 Arizona State 196.275
4 Michigan 196.200
5 Florida 196.075
6 Nebraska* 196.025
7 Utah* 196.025
8 Washington 195.975
9 Alabama 195.600
10 Minnesota 194.775
11 Penn State 194.300
12 LSU 193.825

*Utah and Nebraska tied for third place in the first session. A tie-breaker was induced and the third place finish was awarded to Nebraska, leaving Utah out of the Super Six.

Super Six

Rank Team Score
1st UCLA 197.150
2nd Arizona State 196.850
3rd Georgia 196.600
4 Michigan 196.500
5 Florida 196.425
6 Nebraska 195.250

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