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1999 Tianjin World Championships

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1999 Tianjin World Championships
Screen Shot 2012-08-12 at 11.54.43 AM
Tianjin Arena during the competition


Tianjin, China


Tianjin Arena

Team Gold Medalist


All-Around Gold Medalist

Maria Olaru (ROU)

Vault Gold Medalist

Elena Zamolodchikova (RUS)

Uneven Bars Gold Medalist

Svetlana Khorkina (RUS)

Balance Beam Gold Medalist

Ling Jie (CHN)

Floor Exercise Gold Medalist

Andreea Răducan (ROU)

Preceded by

1997 Lausanne World Championships

Succeeded by

2001 Ghent World Championships

The 34th Artistic Gymnastics World Championships were held at Tianjin Arena in Tianjin, China in 1999. These World Championships also served as qualifications into the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Format of Competition

All participating gymnasts, including those who were not part of a team, participated in a qualification round. The results of this competition determined which teams and individuals participated in the remaining competitions, which included:

  • The team competition, in which the six highest scoring teams from qualifications competed. Each team of six gymnasts could have up to five gymnasts perform on each apparatus, and only the four highest scores counted toward the team total.
  • The all-around competition, in which the thirty-six highest scoring individuals in the all-around competed. Each country was limited to three gymnasts in the all-around final.
  • The event finals, in which the eight highest scoring individuals on each apparatus competed. Each country was limited to two gymnasts in each apparatus final.


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Team Flag of Romania Romania

Simona Amânar
Loredana Boboc
Andreea Isărescu
Maria Olaru
Corina Ungureanu
Andreea Răducan

Flag of Russia Russia

Svetlana Khorkina
Anna Kovalyova
Yevgeniya Kuznetsova
Elena Produnova
Elena Zamolodchikova
Ekaterina Lobaznyuk

Flag of Ukraine Ukraine

Natalia Gorodny
Viktoria Karpenko
Olga Roschupkina
Inga Shkarupa
Olga Teslenko
Tatyana Yarosh

All-Around Flag of Romania Maria Olaru
Romania (ROU)
Flag of Ukraine Viktoria Karpenko
Ukraine (UKR)
Flag of Russia Elena Zamolodchikova
Russia (RUS)
Vault Flag of Russia Elena Zamolodchikova
Russia (RUS)
Flag of Romania Simona Amânar
Romania (ROU)
Flag of Romania Maria Olaru
Romania (ROU)
Uneven Bars Flag of Russia Svetlana Khorkina
Russia (RUS)
Flag of China Huang Mandan
China (CHN)
Flag of China Ling Jie
China (CHN)
Balance Beam Flag of China Ling Jie
China (CHN)
Flag of Romania Andreea Răducan
Romania (ROU)
Flag of Ukraine Olga Roschupkina
Ukraine (UKR)
Floor Exercise Flag of Romania Andreea Răducan
Romania (ROU)
Flag of Romania Simona Amânar
Romania (ROU)
Flag of Russia Svetlana Khorkina
Russia (RUS)

Notable Moments

  • Romania's Maria Olaru became the first Romanian World All-Around Champion since Aurelia Dobre.
  • China's Ling Jie became the second Chinese gymnast to win the World title on beam, following Mo Huilan.
  • The Longines Prize for Elegance was awarded to Russia's Svetlana Khorkina.


  • In March 2012, China forfeited the Bronze medals to Ukraine. It was discovered in 2008 that China falsified the age of team member Dong Fangxiao, therefore nullifying her results from this competition as well as the 2000 Olympics. Previously, in 2010, China's Olympic bronze medals were awarded to the 2000 US Olympic Team. China's team, aside from Dong, consisted of Bai Chunyue, Ling Jie, Xu Jing, Huang Mandan and Liu Xuan.

Medal Count

Rank Country Gold-medal Silver-medal Bronze-medal Total
1 Flag of Romania Romania 3 3 1 7
2 Flag of Russia Russia 2 1 2 5
3 Flag of China China 1 1 1 3
4 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine 0 1 2 3

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