200 Chunichi Cup



All-Around Gold Medalist

Simona Amânar (ROU)

Preceded by

1999 Chunichi Cup

Succeeded by

2001 Chunichi Cup

The 2000 Chunichi Cup was held in Nagoya, Japan. Gymnasts from Romania, Ukraine, Russia and Japan competed.

Format of Competition

The competition took place on one day. All apparatus were contested.


Rank Athlete Country Total
1st Simona Amânar Flag of Romania ROU 38.350
2nd Andreea Răducan Flag of Romania ROU 38.337
3rd Viktoria Karpenko Flag of Ukraine UKR 38.162
4 Anastasia Kolesnikova Flag of Russia RUS 37.925
5 Olga Roschupkina Flag of Ukraine UKR 37.562
6 Aya Manabe Flag of Japan JPN 37.512
7 Miho Takenaka Flag of Japan JPN 37.262
8 Naoka Nakase Flag of Japan JPN 35.862
9 Anna Chepeleva Flag of Russia RUS 35.712

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