2000 Olympic Trials
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Boston, Massachusetts


Fleet Center


August 17-20

Official Olympic Team

Amy Chow
Jamie Dantzscher
Dominique Dawes
Kristen Maloney
Elise Ray
Morgan White


Alyssa Beckerman

Preceded by

1996 U.S. Olympic Trials

Succeeded by

2004 U.S. Olympic Trials

The 2000 Olympic Trials were held on August 17-20 at the Fleet Center in Boston, Massachusetts. This competition determined who would represent the United States at the Olympics in Sydney.

Format of Competition

The competition was the same as the National Championships. There were two days of competition, where the all-around was contested on both days.

At the end of the second day of competition, the six spots would be decided by USA Gymnastics and the Olympic selection committee. The team would be announced after the competition finished, a method later used at the 2012 Olympic Trials.

List of Competitors

  1. Elise Ray
  2. Kristen Maloney
  3. Jamie Dantzscher
  4. Vanessa Atler
  5. Alyssa Beckerman
  6. Amy Chow
  7. Morgan White
  8. Dominique Dawes
  9. Tasha Schwikert
  10. Rachel Tidd
  11. Jeanette Antolin
  12. Amanda Stroud
  13. Shannon Miller (petitioned)

All-Around Standings

  1. Elise Ray
  2. Amy Chow
  3. Kristen Maloney
  4. Morgan White
  5. Jamie Dantzscher
  6. Vanessa Atler
  7. Dominique Dawes
  8. Alyssa Beckerman
  9. Tasha Schwikert
  10. Rachel Tidd
  11. Jeanette Antolin
  12. Amanda Stroud
  13. Shannon Miller

Notable Moments

  • Shannon Miller competed in her first two day competition in three years. On the second day, she became injured on vault and had to withdraw from the competition.

Olympic Team

  1. Amy Chow
  2. Jamie Dantzscher
  3. Dominique Dawes
  4. Kristen Maloney
  5. Elise Ray
  6. Morgan White

Alternate: Alyssa Beckerman


Shortly before the Olympics, Morgan White broke her foot, causing her to withdraw from the Olympic team. Instead of using Alyssa Beckerman, Bela Karolyi chose to put in Tasha Schwikert, even though she was not announced as an alternate at the end of the Olympic Trials.