2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games
Manchester 2002
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Manchester, UK


City of Manchester Stadium

Team Gold Medalist


All-Around Gold Medalist

Kate Richardson (CAN)

Vault Gold Medalist

Allana Slater (AUS)

Uneven Bars Gold Medalist

Beth Tweddle (ENG)

Balance Beam Gold Medalist

Kate Richardson (CAN)

Floor Exercise Gold Medalist

Sarah Lauren (AUS)

Preceded by

1998 Kuala Lumpur Commonwealth Games

Succeeded by

2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games

The 2002 Commonwealth Games were held in Manchester, England, United Kingdom from 25 July to 4 August 2002. The XVII Commonwealth Games was, prior the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, the largest multi-sport event ever to be held in the UK, eclipsing previous editions held in London in 1934, Cardiff in 1958, Edinburgh in 1970 and 1986 and also London's 1948 Summer Olympics in numbers of teams and athletes participating. Manchester aimed to host a major sporting event, but failed in two previous attempts to host the Olympic Games of 1996 and 2000. The 2002 Games were to be hosted in the United Kingdom to coincide with the Golden Jubilee of Elizabeth II, head of the Commonwealth, and Manchester was selected for the 2002 Games ahead of London.

The Games were considered a success for the host city, providing an event to showcase the transformation of Manchester following the 1996 bombing. The Games formed the catalyst for the widespread regeneration and heavy development of Manchester, and bolstered its reputation as a European and Global City internationally. Rapid economic development and continued urban regeneration of the now post-industrial Manchester continued after the Games which helped cement its place as one of the principal cultural cities in the United Kingdom.

The opening and closing ceremonies, the athletic and the rugby sevens events were held at the City of Manchester Stadium, which was purpose built for the Games.

Format of Competition

The format was similar to that of the Olympics. No compulsory routines were performed. Instead, all participating gymnasts, including those who were not part of a team, participated in a qualification round. The results of this competition determined which teams and individuals participated in the remaining competitions, which included:

  • The team competition, in which the six highest scoring teams from qualifications competed. Each team of six gymnasts could have up to five gymnasts perform on each apparatus, and only the four highest scores counted toward the team total.
  • The all-around competition, in which the twenty-four highest scoring individuals in the all-around competed. Each country was limited to three gymnasts in the all-around final.
  • The event finals, in which the eight highest scoring individuals on each apparatus competed. Each country was limited to two gymnasts in each apparatus final.


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Team Flag of Australia Australia

Alexandra Croak
Allana Slater
Jacqui Dunn
Sarah Lauren
Stephanie Moorhouse

Flag of England England

Becky Owen
Beth Tweddle
Katy Lennon
Lizzy Line
Nicola Willis

Flag of Canada Canada

Danielle Hicks
Heather Purnell
Kate Richardson
Kylie Stone
Vanessa Meloche

All-Around Flag of Canada Kate Richardson
Canada (CAN)
Flag of England Beth Tweddle
England (ENG)
Flag of Australia Allana Slater
Australia (AUS)
Vault Flag of Australia Allana Slater
Australia (AUS)
Flag of Australia Alexandra Croak
Australia (AUS)
Flag of Canada Vanessa Meloche
Canada (CAN)
Uneven Bars Flag of England Beth Tweddle
England (ENG)
Flag of Australia Allana Slater
Australia (AUS)
Flag of Canada Vanessa Meloche
Canada (CAN)
Balance Beam Flag of Canada Kate Richardson
Canada (CAN)
Flag of Australia Allana Slater
Australia (AUS)
Flag of Australia Jacqui Dunn
Australia (AUS)
Floor Exercise Flag of Australia Sarah Lauren
Australia (AUS)
Flag of England Becky Owen
England (ENG)
Flag of Canada Kylie Stone
Canada (CAN)

Medal Count

Rank Country Gold-medal Silver-medal Bronze-medal Total
1 Flag of Australia Australia 3 3 2 8
2 Flag of Canada Canada 2 0 4 6
3 Flag of England England 1 3 0 4

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