2008 Barcelona World Cup


Barcelona, Spain


June 6-8

Vault Gold Medalist

Ericka Garcia (MEX)

Uneven Bars Gold Medalist

Marisela Cantu (MEX)

Balance Beam Gold Medalist

Li Shanshan (CHN)

Floor Exercise Gold Medalist

Li Shanshan (CHN)

Preceded by

2008 Moscow World Cup

Succeeded by

2008 Szombathely World Cup

The 2008 Barcelona World Cup, also known as the 33rd Joaquim Blume Memorial, were held on June 6-8 in Barcelona, Spain.

List of Competitors

  • Mercedes Alcaide - Spain
  • Stefani Bismpikou - Greece
  • Laura Campos - Spain
  • Marisela Cantu - Mexico
  • Lisa Ecker - Austria
  • Elsa García - Mexico
  • Ericka Garcia - Mexico
  • Li Shanshan - China
  • Jessica López - Venezuela
  • Zoi Marques de Lima -  Portugal
  • Gaëlle Mys - Belgium
  • Kathrin Nussbacher - Austria
  • Rita Oliviera - Portugal
  • Melodie Pulgarin - Spain
  • Andrea Ruhrlinger - Austria
  • Adela Sajn - Slovenia
  • Florencia Salomon - Argentina
  • Sidney Sanabria-Robles - Spain
  • Ayelen Tarabini - Argentina


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Vault Flag of Mexico Ericka Garcia
Mexico (MEX)
Flag of Spain Melodie Pulgarin
Spain (ESP)
Flag of Argentina Ayelen Tarabini
Argentina (ARG)
Uneven Bars Flag of Mexico Marisela Cantu 
Mexico (MEX)
Flag of Spain Mercedes Alcaide
Spain (ESP)
Flag of Mexico Elsa García
Mexico (MEX)
Balance Beam Flag of China Li Shanshan
China (CHN)
Flag of Mexico Marisela Cantu
Mexico (MEX)
Flag of Mexico Ericka Garcia
Mexico (MEX)
Floor Exercise Flag of China Li Shanshan
China (CHN)
Flag of Argentina Ayelen Tarabini
Argentina (ARG)
Flag of Portugal Zoi Marques de Lima
Portugal (POR)

Medal Count

Rank Country Gold-medal Silver-medal Bronze-medal Total
1 Flag of Mexico Mexico 2 1 2 5
2 Flag of China China 2 0 0 2
3 Flag of Spain Spain 0 2 0 2
4 Flag of Argentina Argentina 0 1 1 2
5 Flag of Portugal Portugal 0 0 1 1

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