2011 Isle of Man Commonwealth Youth Games
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Isle of Man


Manx Centre of Excellence

Team Gold Medalist


All-Around Gold Medalist

Angel Romaeo (WAL)

Vault Gold Medalist

Rebecca Tunney (ENG)

Uneven Bars Gold Medalist

Charlie Fellows (ENG)

Balance Beam Gold Medalist

Emma Nedov (AUS)

Floor Exercise Gold Medalist

Abi Caig (ENG)

Preceded by

2004 Bendigo Commonwealth Youth Games

Succeeded by

2015 Samoa Commonwealth Youth Games

The 2011 Commonwealth Youth Games, officially known as the IV Commonwealth Youth Games, is a multi-sport event. They were held on the Isle of Man from September 7-13 though the gymnastics events were held from September 9-11 at the Manx Centre of Excellence. Sixty-four different nations participated in the event with a total of 800 athletes competing in seven sports. The games were originally scheduled for 2012 but were moved a year earlier so they would not occur during the Olympic year. Gymnastics was not an event in the previous 2008 Pune Commonwealth Youth Games.

List of Competitors

  • Australia
  • Bermuda
    • Sydney Mason
  • Cayman Islands
    • Lauren Hill
  • England
  • Isle of Man
    • Emma-Rose Dale-Beeton
    • Rebecca Johnson
  • Malta
    • Kirsty-Rosalind Caruana
    • Andreana Zammit
  • Namibia
    • Samantha-Lee Gibbons
  • New Zealand
  • Northern Ireland
    • Nicole Mahwinney
    • India McPeak
    • Sarah Strawbridge
  • Scotland
    • Shannon Archer
    • Cara Kennedy
    • Carly Smith
  • South Africa
    • Kirsten Beckett
  • Sri Lanka
    • Thimasha Devindi Pathirage
  • Wales


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Team Flag of England England

Abi Caig
Charlie Fellows
Rebecca Tunney

Flag of Wales Wales

Kiera Brennan
Angel Romaeo
Raer Theaker

Flag of Australia Australia

Alexandra Eade
Maddie Layden
Emma Nedov

All-Around Flag of Wales Angel Romaeo
Wales (WAL)
Flag of New Zealand Brittany Robertson
New Zealand (NZL)
Flag of England Abi Caig
England (ENG)
Vault Flag of EnglandRebecca Tunney
England (ENG)
Flag of South Africa Kirsten Beckett
South Africa (RSA)
Flag of England Abi Caig
England (ENG)
Uneven Bars Flag of England Charlie Fellows
England (ENG)
Flag of Wales Raer Theaker
Wales (WAL)
Flag of Wales Angel Romaeo
Wales (WAL)
Balance Beam Flag of Australia Emma Nedov
Australia (AUS)
Flag of Wales Raer Theaker
Wales (WAL)
Flag of England Charlie Fellows
England (ENG)
Floor Exercise Flag of England Abi Caig
England (ENG)
Flag of New Zealand Brittany Robertson
New Zealand (NZL)
Flag of England Rebecca Tunney
England (ENG)

Medal Count

Rank Country Gold-medal Silver-medal Bronze-medal Total
1 Flag of England England 4 0 4 8
2 Flag of Wales Wales 1 3 1 5
3 Flag of Australia Australia 1 0 1 2
4 Flag of New Zealand New Zealand 0 2 0 2
5 Flag of South Africa South Africa 0 1 0 1

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