2012 London Olympic Test Event
200px-London Olympics 2012 logo
Official Olympic logo


London, UK


North Greenwich Arena (formerly known as the O2 Arena)


January 10-18

Team Gold Medalist


Vault Gold Medalist

Jade Barbosa (BRA)

Uneven Bars Gold Medalist

Anastasia Grishina (RUS)

Balance Beam Gold Medalist

Carlotta Ferlito (ITA)
Vasiliki Millousi (GRE)

Floor Exercise Gold Medalist

Vanessa Ferrari (ITA)

Preceded by

2007 Good Luck Beijing Olympic Test Event

Succeeded by

2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Test Event

The 2012 Gymnastics Olympic Test Event (also known as the Visa International Gymnastics for sponsorship reasons) took place between January 10 and January 18, 2012. The event qualifies four teams into the Olympics. It also qualifies 34 individual female gymnasts, those selected through the All Around competition. Teams that finished 17th to 24th on the 2011 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships may take 2 individuals to the test event. Teams that finished 1st to 8th are invited to send 2 individual gymnasts, who do not count as a candidate for an individual spot.

Format of Competition

The competition format was the same as at the Olympics. All participating gymnasts, including those who were not part of a team, participated in a qualification round. The qualification round also served as the team final. The top four teams would automatically qualify a full team to the Olympics. The results of the qualifications also determined which individuals participated in the event finals, in which the eight highest scoring individuals on each apparatus competed. Each country was limited to two gymnasts in each apparatus final.



Rank Country
1st Flag of Italy Italy

Carlotta Ferlito
Vanessa Ferrari
Elisabetta Preziosa
Erika Fasana
Chiara Gandolfi
Francesca Deagostini

2nd Flag of Canada Canada

Talia Chiarelli
Peng Peng Lee
Victoria Moors
Kristina Vaculik
Brittany Rogers
Madeline Gardiner

3rd Flag of France France

Anne Kuhm
Marine Brevet
Youna Dufournet
Sophia Serseri
Clara Della Vedova
Camille Coudret

4th Flag of Brazil Brazil

Daniele Hypólito
Daiane Dos Santos
Jade Barbosa
Bruna Leal
Ethiene Franco
Adrian Nunes Gomes

5 Flag of Belgium Belgium

Aagje Vanwalleghem
Julie Croket
Terri Grand'ry
Gaëlle Mys
Johanna Dejardin
Lisa Verschueren

6 Flag of South Korea South Korea

Heo Seon Mi
Sung Ji Hye
Jo Hyunjoo
Eum Eunhi
Kim Doyoung
Park Ji Yeon

7 Flag of Spain Spain

Ana Maria Izurieta
Beatriz Cuesta
Maria Paula Vargas
Silvia Colussi Pelaez
Ainhoa Carmona Urbano
Claudia Menendez Gonzalez

8 Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands

Dianne Teunisse
Wyomi Masela
Lieke Wevers
Lisa Top
Ayla Wilbrink
Marlies Rijken

Event Finals

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Vault Flag of Brazil Jade Barbosa
Brazil (BRA)
Flag of Israel Valeriia Maksiuta
Israel (ISR)
Flag of the Netherlands Wyomi Masela
Netherlands (NED)
Uneven Bars Flag of Russia Anastasia Grishina
Russia (RUS)
Flag of France Youna Dufournet
France (FRA)
Flag of China Yao Jinnan
China (CHN)
Balance Beam Flag of Italy Carlotta Ferlito
Italy (ITA)

Flag of Greece Vasiliki Millousi
Greece (GRE)

N/A Flag of Israel Valeriia Maksiuta
Israel (ISR)
Floor Exercise Flag of Italy Vanessa Ferrari
Italy (ITA)
Flag of Canada Victoria Moors
Canada (CAN)
Flag of Brazil Daiane Dos Santos
Brazil (BRA)

Flag of France Marine Brevet
France (FRA)

Medal Count

Rank Country Gold-medal Silver-medal Bronze-medal Total
1 Flag of Italy Italy 3 0 0 3
2 Flag of France France 0 1 2 3
3 Flag of Brazil Brazil 1 0 1 2
4 Flag of Canada Canada 0 2 0 2
5 Flag of Israel Israel 0 1 1 2
6 Flag of Russia Russia 1 0 0 1
7 Flag of Greece Greece 1 0 0 1
8 Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands 0 0 1 1
9 Flag of China China 0 0 1 1

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