2013 British Team Championships
British Gymnastics logo


May 19


Guildford, UK


Guildford Arena

Team Gold Medalist

The Academy

  • Ruby Harrold
    April Maslen
    Phoebe Turner
    Imogen Chan
    Lucy Brett
    Maisie Dodds

Preceded by

2012 British Team Championships

Succeeded by

2014 British Team Championships

The 2013 Women’s British Team Championships took place on Sunday the 19th May at the Guildford Spectrum in Guildford, UK.


Rank Team Score
1st The Academy Ruby Harrold
April Maslen
Phoebe Turner
Imogen Chan
Lucy Brett
Maisie Dodds
2nd Heathrow Loriah James
Charlotte Lindsley
Danusia Francis
Mollie Payton
Laura Mitchell
3rd Park Wrekin A Georgina Hockenhull
Rhyannon Jones
Georgina Clements
Eshe Bernard
Alice Kinsella
4 Notts Ellie Downie
Niamh Rippin
Charlotte Draycott
Nicole Pavier
Megan Parker
Kirsty Baldwin
5 South Durham Amy Tinkler
Jade Armstrong
Claudia Barkes
Alexandra Learman
Leah Rockett
6 Manchester Georgina Harris
Stefanie Bowles
Natasha Raymund Jayadev
Lavinia Raymund Jayadev
Jade Stedford
Morgan Finnegan
7 Dynamo Kelly Simm
Laura Edwards
Sophie Barber
Amy Layzell
Danielle Barnes
8 Park Wrekin B Rebecca Jones
Honour Sheard
Rebecca Williamson
Ella Cooper
9 Tolworth Maia Anderson
Heba Serry
Emmeline Anghiler
Amelia Montague
Millie Kennard
Pippa Earley
10 Huntingdon Tilly Allen
Lottie Smith
Carrie Walker
Maddy Young
Becky Morris
11 Manx Grace Harrison
Tara Donnelly
Nicole Burns
Aoife Donnelly
12 Glasgow Cara Kennedy

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