2013 Mersin Mediterranean Games
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Mersin, Turkey


Mersin Gymnastics Hall

Team Gold Medalist


All-Around Gold Medalist

Vanessa Ferrari (ITA)

Vault Gold Medalist

Fadwa Mahmoud (EGY)

Uneven Bars Gold Medalist

Chiara Gandolfi (ITA)

Balance Beam Gold Medalist

Giorgia Campana (ITA)

Floor Exercise Gold Medalist

Vanessa Ferrari (ITA)

Preceded by

2009 Pescara Mediterranean Games

Succeeded by

2018 Tarragona Mediterranean Games

The 2013 Mediterranean Games (Turkish: 2013 Akdeniz Oyunları), officially known as the XVII Mediterranean Games (XVII Akdeniz Oyunları), is an international multi-sport event held in the tradition of the Mediterranean Games, as governed by the International Committee of Mediterranean Games (ICMG) (French: Comité international des Jeux méditerranéens). The host city of the Games was Mersin, Turkey, as announced after an on-line poll conducted on 23 February 2011 by the ICMG. They were scheduled to be held from 20 to 30 June 2013. Mersin was the second city in Turkey after Izmir to host the Mediterranean Games. The artistic gymnastics competitions took place between 19 June and 22 June at the Mersin Gymnastics Hall.

Format of Competition

The competition format was similar to that of the Olympics. All participating gymnasts, including those who were not part of a team, participated in a qualification round, which also served as the team final. Each team could only have three gymnasts perform on each apparatus, and all three scores counted toward the team total. The results of this competition determined which teams and individuals participated in the remaining competitions, which included:

  • The all-around competition, in which only the twenty-four highest scoring individuals in the all-around competed. Each country was limited to only two gymnasts in the all-around final.
  • The event finals, in which the eight highest scoring individuals on each apparatus competed. Each country was limited to two gymnasts in each apparatus final.

Competition Schedule

June 21 Qualifications/ Team Final
June 23 All-Around
June 24 Vault Event Final
Uneven Bars Event Final
Balance Beam Event Final
Floor Exercise Event Final


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Team Flag of Italy Italy

Giorgia Campana
Vanessa Ferrari
Chiara Gandolfi
Giulia Leni
Elisabetta Preziosa

Flag of France France

Mira Boumejmajen
Johanna Cano
Manon Cormoreche
Maëlys Plessis
Valentine Sabatou

Flag of Greece Greece

Myropi Christofilaki
Vasiliki Millousi
Maria Simou
Maria Trichopoulou

All-Around Flag of Italy Vanessa Ferrari
Italy (ITA)
Flag of Spain Maria Paula Vargas
Spain (ESP)
Flag of France Valentine Sabatou
France (FRA)
Vault Flag of Egypt Fadwa Mahmoud
Egypt (EGY)
Flag of France Johanna Cano
France (FRA)
Flag of Italy Giulia Leni
Italy (ITA)
Uneven Bars Flag of Italy Chiara Gandolfi
Italy (ITA)
Flag of Spain Maria Paula Vargas
Spain (ESP)
Flag of Italy Giorgia Campana
Italy (ITA)
Balance Beam Flag of Italy Giorgia Campana
Italy (ITA)
Flag of Greece Vasiliki Millousi
Greece (GRE)
Flag of Italy Vanessa Ferrari
Italy (ITA)
Floor Exercise Flag of Italy Vanessa Ferrari
Italy (ITA)
Flag of France Valentine Sabatou
France (FRA)
Flag of Italy Elisabetta Preziosa
Italy (ITA)

Medal Count

Rank Country Gold-medal Silver-medal Bronze-medal Total
1 Flag of Italy Italy 5 0 4 9
2 Flag of France France 0 3 1 4
3 Flag of Spain Spain 0 2 0 2
4 Flag of Greece Greece 0 1 1 2
5 Flag of Egypt Egypt 1 0 0 1

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