2013 Pro Gymnastics Challenge
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Bethlehem, USA

Tumbling Winner

Team USA

Parallel Bars/ Uneven Bars Winner

Team World

Vault Winner

Team USA

Balance Beam/ Still Rings Winner

Team World

Rope Climb Winner

Team USA

Audience All-Around Winner

Team World

Single Rail/ High Bar Winner

Team USA

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2014 Pro Gymnastics Challenge

The Pro Gymnastics Challenge was held on May 11-12 at the Stabler Arena in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and aired on ESPN2 from May 20-22. It featured athletes from 12 different countries, including Romania, Russia, Great Britain, Venezuela, and Brazil. The men and women competed together, split into two teams: USA and World.

Competition Format

No full routines were competed. Instead, each team put up six athletes who went head-to-head performing a single skill or series of skills. The judges awarded a point to whichever team performed the skill the best. If the opposing team does not think they can duplicate the skill or perform it better, they can forfeit the point.

There is offense and defense. The team on the Offensive performs a skill or sequence of skills after which the defensive team attempts to do that skill or sequence of skills better. The winner is determined by referees and the winning team gains the point or points and offensive control. In the event of a tie the audience votes to decide the winner. On each event the winning team is the first one to 6 points excluding the speed ropes which are a time challenge.

There are four "trump cards" that the coaches can use:

  1. Double Down: If an athlete misses a skill, they have the option to redo it. If they successfully complete it, they win two points. If the other team performs it better, they will win the two points. This can only be used once per event.
  2. Freestyle: A nonconventional gymnastics move called by offense. The winner is decided by audience vote.
  3. Callout: A challenge made to a specific athlete from the opposing team.
  4. Wildcard: When the defensive team calls an alternate to perform the challenged skill. This can only be used once per event.





Event Team USA Point Team World Point
TumblingPaul RuggeriJade Barbosa
Chellsie MemmelMarissa King
Josh DixonPetrix Barbosa
Vanessa ZamarripaSam Oldham
Jake DaltonLisa Mason
Alyssa PritchettEleftherios Kosmidis
Paul RuggeriAndrew Smith
Parallel Bars/
Uneven Bars
Brandon Wynnforfeit
Vanessa ZamarripaJessica López
John OrozcoTommy Ramos
Paul RuggeriNathan Gafuik
Brie OlsonOksana Chusovitina
Jake DaltonPetrix Barbosa
VaultJosh DixonOksana Chusovitina
Vanessa ZamarripaAnna Pavlova
Ashanee DickersonPetrix Barbosa
Alyssa PrichettMarissa King
Brandon WynnSam Oldham
Paul RuggeriNathan Gafuik
Jake DaltonEleftherios Kosmidis
Paul Ruggeriforfeit
Balance Beam/
Still Rings
Brandon Wynnforfeit
Jake DaltonSam Oldham
Alex NaddourPetrix Barbosa
forfeitCătălina Ponor
Shayla WorleyAnna Pavlova
forfeitEleftherios Petrounias
forfeitTommy Ramos
Brie OlsonMarissa King
Rope ClimbAlyssa PrichettPetrix Barbosa
Josh DixonOksana Chusovitina
Vanessa ZamarripaJessica López
Chellsie MemmelAndrew Smith
Jana BiegerJade Barbosa
John OrozcoEleftherios Petrounias
Alex NaddourMarissa King
Brandon WynnTommy Ramos
Jake DaltonNathan Gafuik
Paul RuggeriPatrix Barbosa
Kat DingJessica López
Brandon WynnEleftherios Petrounias
Shayla WorleyCătălina Ponor
Jana BiegerLaura-Anne Chong
Alex NaddourSam Oldham
Single Rail/
High Bar
forfeitLaura-Anne Chong
Paul RuggeriSam Oldham
Brie Olsonforfeit
Steven LegendreNathan Gafuik
forfeitOksana Chusovitina
Vanessa ZamarripaJessica López
Jake DaltonPetrix Barbosa
Alina WeinsteinLaura-Anne Chong
Jana BiegerJade Barbosa
Paul RuggeriPetrix Barbosa

Notable Moments

  • During the Audience All-Around, both Catalina Ponor and Shayla Worley performed the same skill on balance beam. The judges decided it was a tie, and let the audience pick the winner. The pro-US crowd went with Worley. Then Svetlana Boginskaya filed a protest about the outcome of balance beam. The judges watched the replay again and awarded the balance beam point to Team World. It was this protest that won Team World the Audience All-Around.

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