2014 Arthur Gander Memorial
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Chiasso, Switzerland


October 29

All-Around Gold Medalist

Daria Spiridonova (RUS)

Preceded by

2013 Arthur Gander Memorial

Succeeded by

2015 Arthur Gander Memorial

The 2014 Arthur Gander Memorial will be held on October 29th in Chiasso, Switzerland.

Format of Competition

The competition was held over one day, but operated differently than most elite meets. All four apparatus were contested, but each athlete only competed on their best three events.


Rank Athlete Country
1st Daria Spiridonova Flag of Russia RUS
2nd Larisa Iordache Flag of Romania ROU
3rd Elisabeth Seitz Flag of Germany GER
4 Giulia Steingruber Flag of Switzerland SUI
5 Youna Dufournet Flag of France FRA
6 Ilaria Kaeslin Flag of Switzerland SUI
7 Daniele Hypólito Flag of Brazil BRA
8 Carlotta Ferlito Flag of Italy ITA
9 Angelina Kysla Flag of Ukraine UKR
10 Mai Murakami Flag of Japan JPN
11 Caterina Barloggio Flag of Switzerland SUI


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