2014 Belgian National Championships
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Mechelen, Belgium


April 5-6

Belgian All-Around Gold Medalist

Lisa Vershueren

Interland Team Gold Medalist


Interland All-Around Gold Medalist

Jonna Adlerteg (SWE)

Preceded by

2013 Belgian National Championships

Succeeded by

2015 Belgian National Championships

The 2014 Belgian National Championships were held at the Nekker Sports Hall in Mechelen, Belgium from April 5-6. The competition also featured a friendly meet against gymnasts from Sweden.

Format of Competition

The competition was split into two days. The first day was the all-around for the Belgian Nationals, split into senior and junior divisions. The second day was a friendly competition between Belgium and Sweden.

Competition Schedule

April 5 Senior All-Around
Junior All-Around
April 6 Interland Team Final
Interland All-Around Final


Belgian Nationals

Rank Athlete VT UB BB FX Total
1st Lisa Vershueren 14.000 13.800 12.633 12.766 53.199
2nd Laura Waem 13.933 13.933 12.466 12.100 52.432
3rd Gaëlle Mys 14.066 12.866 11.600 13.600 52.132
4 Lin Versonnen 13.333 13.100 12.933 12.166 51.132
5 Dorien Motten 13.633 10.566 11.333 12.033 47.565
6 Hélia Hocquet 13.000 10.966 11.333 11.600 46.899


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Team Flag of Sweden Sweden

Jonna Adlerteg
Emma Larsson
Lovisa Estberg
Kim Singmuang

Flag of Belgium Belgium 1

Gaëlle Mys
Lisa Verschueren
Laura Waem

Flag of Belgium Belgium 2

Lin Versonnen
Dorien Motten
Hélia Hocquet

All-Around Flag of Sweden Jonna Adlerteg
Sweden (SWE)
Flag of Sweden Emma Larsson
Sweden (SWE)
Flag of Belgium Lisa Verschueren

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