2014 Stuttgart World Cup
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Stuttgart, Germany


November 28-30

Team Gold Medalist


All-Around Gold Medalist

Larisa Iordache (ROU)

Preceded by

2014 Medellin World Cup

Succeeded by

2014 Glasgow World Cup

The 2014 Stuttgart World Cup, also known as the EnBW Turn-WeltCup, was held from November 28-30 in Stuttgart, Germany.

Format of Competition

The Stuttgart World Cup differed from the others, as it involved a team competition separate from the all-around. All three competitions (team qualifications, individual all-around, and team final) were each held on one day.

Competition Schedule

November 28 Team Qualifications
November 29 All-Around
November 30 Team Final

List of Competitors



Gold Silver Bronze
Flag of Germany Germany

Nadja Schulze
Sophie Scheder
Pauline Schaefer
Michelle Timm

Flag of Russia Russia

Ksenia Afanasyeva
Polina Fyodorova
Ekaterina Kramarenko

Flag of Switzerland Switzerland

Ilaria Kaeslin
Jessica Diacci
Stefanie Siegenthaler
Nicole Hitz


Rank Athlete Country VT UB BB FX Total
1st Larisa Iordache Flag of Romania ROU 15.133 14.700 15.333 14.600 59.766
2nd Jessica López Flag of Venezuela VEN 14.600 14.833 14.200 14.166 57.799
3rd Kim Bui Flag of Germany GER 14.133 14.600 13.666 14.266 56.665
4 Vanessa Ferrari Flag of Italy ITA 13.800 13.933 14.333 14.366 56.432
5 Aliya Mustafina Flag of Russia RUS 15.000 13.833 13.600 13.966 56.399
6 Alla Sosnitskaya Flag of Russia RUS 14.333 14.000 12.933 14.100 55.366
7 Ellie Black Flag of Canada CAN 13.933 13.733 13.700 13.833 55.199
8 Lisa Hill Flag of Germany GER 13.933 14.966 12.700 13.266 54.865


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