2018 Stuttgart World Cup
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Stuttgart, Germany


March 16-18

Team Gold Medalist


All-Around Gold Medalist

Zhang Jin (CHN)

Preceded by

2018 Baku World Cup

Succeeded by

2018 Birmingham World Cup

The 2017 Stuttgart World Cup, also known as the EnBW Turn-WeltCup, was held from March 16-18 in Stuttgart, Germany.

Format of Competition

The Stuttgart World Cup differed from the others, as it involved a team competition separate from the all-around. All three competitions (team qualifications, individual all-around, and team final) were each held on one day.

Competition Schedule

March 16 Team Qualifications
March 17 All-Around
March 18 Team Final

List of Competitors

*Canada's Ana Padurariu and Netherlands' Naomi Visser were both initially slated to compete in the all-around competition, but withdrew and were replaced by their compatriots: Rose-Kaying Woo and Tisha Volleman, respectively.[3][4]



Gold Silver Bronze
Flag of Belgium Belgium

Maeyllse Brassart
Senna Deriks
Nina Derwael
Axelle Klinckaert
Rune Hermans

Flag of Switzerland Switzerland

Thea Brogli
Ilaria Kaeslin
Leonie Meier
Giulia Steingruber
Fabienne Studer

Flag of Japan Japan

Hitomi Hatakeda
Kiko Kuwajima
Izumi Nitta
Yuki Uchiyama


Rank Athlete Country VT UB BB FX Total
1st Zhang Jin Flag of China CHN 14.166 12.466 13.533 13.266 53.431
2nd Elisabeth Seitz Flag of Germany GER 13.566 14.800 12.000 12.966 53.332
3rd Jordan Chiles Flag of the United States of America USA 14.666 12.900 11.733 13.633 52.932
4 Angelina Melnikova Flag of Russia RUS 14.500 13.433 11.766 13.000 52.699
5 Sarah Voss Flag of Germany GER 14.433 13.333 12.400 12.300 52.466
6 Tisha Volleman Flag of the Netherlands NED 14.166 12.500 12.500 12.700 51.866
7 Nagi Kajita Flag of Japan JPN 13.400 12.700 11.200 13.100 50.400
8 Lucy Stanhope Flag of Great Britain GBR 14.366 11.233 10.366 12.300 48.265

Notable Moments

  • Although slated to compete, Canada's Rose-Kaying Woo sustained an injury in the morning warm-up prior to the competition and withdrew.[5]


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