Here is a list of our current administrators and bureaucrats. These select users are held to the highest standard of conduct on the wiki.

All of these users are expected to be active on the wiki on a regular basis, replying to message wall threads, forum posts, and blogs as necessary. They are required to leave an advance notice for inactivity longer than a period of 5 days. Should any one of them every do something that would result in a block or warning for a regular user, his or her rights will be revoked immediately.


Bureaucrat/ Administrator



all day week days and weekends







How to Become an Administrator

  1. You can't ask to be one. You have to show you are one first.
  2. You must be at least 15 years old. Unlike becoming a chatmod, this is a question of maturity.
  3. You must be active on the wikia.
  4. You must make constructive edits and, in general, set a good example for the other users to follow.

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