Term Definition Abbreviation Also Known As
Yurchenko vaulting style involving a round-off onto the springboard and a backflip onto the vaulting table N/A N/A
Tsukahara vaulting style involving a handspring with a half turn onto the vaulting table to backflip off N/A Tsuk
full-in full twisting double tuck back somersault N/A N/A
piked full-in full twisting double pike back somersault PFI N/A
double double double twisting double tuck back somersault N/A N/A
1/1 full twist N/A N/A
3/2 one and a half twists N/A N/A
2/1 double twist N/A double full
5/2 two and a half twists N/A N/A
3/1 triple twist N/A triple full
7/2 three and a half twists N/A N/A
CII World Cup World Cup where only the all-around is contested N/A N/A
CIII World Cup World Cup where only the event finals are contested N/A N/A


Abbreviation Definition Also Known As
FTY full-twisting Yurchenko N/A
DTY double-twisting Yurchenko N/A
TTY triple-twisting Yurchenko N/A
DLO double layout N/A
1/1 DLO full-twisting double layout N/A
2/1 DLO double-twisting double layout N/A
BHS back handspring N/A
FHS front handspring N/A
LOSO layout step-out N/A
QF qualification round qualifications, preliminary round, prelims, quals
TF team final N/A
AA all-around N/A
EF event final N/A
VT vault N/A
UB uneven bars AB - asymmetric bars
BB balance beam N/A
FX floor exercise N/A
CV connection value CB - connection bonus
SV start value DV - difficulty value
SB series bonus N/A

Country Codes

Country Abbreviation Notes
Flag of Albania ALB Albania
Flag of Algeria ALG Algeria
Flag of Argentina ARG Argentina
Flag of Armenia ARM Armenia
Flag of Australia AUS Australia
Flag of Austria AUT Austria
Flag of Azerbaijan AZE Azerbaijan
Flag of the Bahamas BAH Bahamas
Flag of Belgium BEL Belgium
Flag of Bermuda BER Bermuda
Flag of Belarus BLR Belarus
Flag of Bolivia BOL Bolivia
Flag of Brazil BRA Brazil
Flag of Bulgaria BUL Bulgaria
Flag of Canada CAN Canada
Flag of the Cayman Islands CAY Cayman Islands
Flag of Chile CHI Chile
Flag of China CHN China
Flag of the CIS CIS Commonwealth of Independent States used at the 1991 Worlds
Flag of Colombia COL Colombia
Flag of Costa Rica CRC Costa Rica
Flag of Croatia CRO Croatia
Flag of Cuba CUB Cuba
Flag of Cyprus CYP Cyprus
Flag of the Czech Republic CZE Czech Republic
Flag of Denmark DEN Denmark
Flag of the Dominican Republic DOM Dominican Republic
Flag of Ecuador ECU Ecuador
Flag of Egypt EGY Egypt
Flag of England ENG England
Flag of Spain ESP Spain
Flag of Estonia EST Estonia
Olympic flag EUN Unified Team used at the 1992 Olympics
Flag of Finland FIN Finland
Flag of France FRA France
Flag of Germany FRG West Germany until 1991
Flag of the Faroe Islands FRO Faroe Islands
Flag of Great Britain GBR Great Britain
Flag of East Germany GDR East Germany until 1991
Flag of Georgia GEO Georgia
Flag of Germany GER Germany
Flag of Greece GRE Greece
Flag of Guatemala GUA Guatemala
Flag of Hong Kong HKG Hong Kong
Flag of Honduras HON Honduras
Flag of Hungary HUN Hungary
Flag of Indonesia INA Indonesia
Flag of India IND India
Flag of Iran IRI Iran
Flag of Ireland IRL Ireland
Flag of Iraq IRQ Iraq
Flag of Iceland ISL Iceland
Flag of Israel ISR Israel
Flag of Italy ITA Italy
Flag of Jamaica JAM Jamaica
Flag of Japan JPN Japan
Flag of Jordan JOR Jordan
Flag of Kazakhstan KAZ Kazakhstan
Flag of Kyrgyzstan KGZ Kyrgyzstan
Flag of South Korea KOR South Korea
Flag of Latvia LAT Latvia
Flag of Lebanon LIB Lebanon
Flag of Lithuania LTU Lithuania
Flag of Luxembourg LUX Luxembourg
Flag of Morocco MAR Morocco
Flag of Malaysia MAS Malaysia
Flag of Moldova MDA Moldova
Flag of Mexico MEX Mexico
Flag of Mongolia MGL Mongolia
Flag of Malta MLT Malta
Flag of Montenegro MNE Montenegro
Flag of Monaco MON Monaco
Flag of Namibia NAM Namibia
Flag of the Netherlands NED Netherlands
Flag of Nigeria NGR Nigeria
Flag of Northern Ireland NIR Northern Ireland
Flag of Norway NOR Norway
Flag of New Zealand NZL New Zealand
Flag of Panama PAN Panama
Flag of Peru PER Peru
Flag of the Philippines PHI Philippines
Flag of Poland POL Poland
Flag of Portugal POR Portugal
Flag of North Korea PRK North Korea
Flag of Puerto Rico PUR Puerto Rico
Flag of Qatar QAT Qatar
Flag of Romania ROU Romania ROM (1956–1960, 1972–2006), RUM (1964–1968)
Flag of South Africa RSA South Africa
Flag of Russia RUS Russia
Flag of Saarland SAA Saarland
Flag of Scotland SCO Scotland
Flag of Singapore SIN Singapore
Flag of Slovenia SLO Slovenia
Flag of Serbia SRB Serbia
Flag of Sri Lanka SRI Sri Lanka
Flag of Switzerland SUI Switzerland
Flag of Slovakia SVK Slovakia
Flag of Sweden SWE Sweden
Flag of the Czech Republic TCH Czechoslovakia until 1991
Flag of Thailand THA Thailand
Flag of Chinese Taipei TPE Chinese Taipei
Flag of Trinidad and Tobago TTO Trinidad & Tobago
Flag of Tunisia TUN Tunisia
Flag of Turkey TUR Turkey
Flag of Ukraine UKR Ukraine
Flag of the United States of America USA United States of America
Flag of the Soviet Union URS Soviet Union until 1991
Flag of Uruguay URU Uruguay
Flag of Uzbekistan UZB Uzbekistan
Flag of Venezuela VEN Venezuela
Flag of Vietnam VIE Vietnam
Flag of Wales WAL Wales
Flag of Yugoslavia YUG Yugoslavia until 1991