No full records of every Olympic Trials exist, but there is a record of past US Olympic teams.

Year Team
1984 Pam Bileck
Michelle Dusserre
Kathy Johnson
Julianne McNamara
Mary Lou Retton
Tracee Talavera
Marie Roethlisberger (alternate)
Lucy Wener (injured prior to games)
Luci Collins
Marcia Frederick
Kathy Johnson
Beth Kline
Amy Koopman
Julianne McNamara
Tracee Talavera
1976 Kolleen Casey
Kim Chace
Carrie Lynne Englert
Kathy Howard
Debra Ann Wilcox
Leslie Wolfsberger
Jodi Yocum (alternate)
1972 Kim Chace
Linda Metheny
Joan Moore
Roxanne Pierce
Cathy Rigby
Nancy Thies
Debbie Hill (alternate)

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