Liu Zhilin
Liu zhilin 2012 massilia
Liu at the 2012 Élite Gym Massilia

Country represented

Flag of China China


February 6 1999 (1999-02-06) (age 18)
Jianli, Hubei, China

Years on National Team


Current status


Liu Zhilin (Chinese: 刘芷琳, pinyin: Liú Zhǐlín) is a retired elite Chinese gymnast.



Liu made her international debut at the Élite Gym Massilia, winning bronze on uneven bars.


In January, Liu competed at the Australian Youth Olympic Festival, winning gold with the Chinese team, silver on floor exercise, and bronze on vault. She later competed at the Chinese National Games in September, placing seventh with her team and sixteenth in the all-around. At the Chinese Individual Nationals, she won silver in the all-around and on uneven bars. In May 2014, she competed at the Chinese Nationals, placing ninth with her team. Injuries derailed her from her senior debut and she retired in 2014.[1]

Medal Count

Year Event TF AA VT UB BB FX
2012Élite Gym Massilia3rd
2013Australian Youth Olympic Festival1st3rd2nd
Laoning Chinese National Games716
Chinese Individual National Championships2nd2nd
2014Chinese National Championships9

Floor Music

2012-2013 - "Carmen Cubana" by the Klazz Brothers & Cuba Percussion


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